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The cross arm of the power transmission line is a special steel structure designed to hold the power line wires on the pole. Cross arm is installed on poles of both round and square cross-section with fastening by a clamp/pole strap.

Considering insulating design of the cross arms for the poles, it becomes possible to fix completely the cable to the tower body and it increases the overall span, and the height of the tower body does not change. The quality of the metal products used to perform the installation of an overhead power line directly affects its reliability and durability.

One of the most important design elements responsible for the mechanical stability of the overhead line is a cross arm for power lines. They are used to fix securely the wires of the overhead line to the pole.

"Metal Invest Company" LLC offers the cross arms for two types of poles - high-voltage and low-voltage.

The structural features of the high-voltage cross arms make them one of the most convenient and efficient for the installation. The cross arms are made of the high-quality galvanized steel thus they are very durable and reliable.

The design of the low-voltage cross arms considers the line installation features based on self-supporting insulated wire. They are also made of the high-quality galvanized steel. In the offered assortment of our company we offer the cross arms of more than two dozen types, which allows us to solve a wide range of tasks.

Cross arms for power lines can be divided into two types:

The following types of the cross arms are most popular for the high-voltage power lines:

The main structural elements of the cross arms of the power transmission line supports:

All the above types of the cross arms are the most popular ones and that are most often used while the installation of high-voltage power lines. It should be noted that in addition to them there are also cross arms for the power transmission lines, which differ from each other in overall dimensions, as well as the type of fastening elements for wires.

Production features of the cross arms:

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