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Cellular towers are high-rise structures on which equipment is installed for recognition, reception and transmission of frequencies of terrestrial radio stations, antennas, mobile 4G and conventional mobile communication.

Conditionally divided into towers and masts.

Mobile communication masts are high-rise lattice structures made of the same type of sections of the same size. Due to the unification of the design, it is possible to make metal masts of different heights from 6 to 100 m. To ensure stability and strength, they are fastened with cable ties. And even strong winds will not harm such structures.

Tower of mobile communication - self-supporting lattice structure with installed on it a little area for maintenance equipment. These structures are very strong, easily withstand not only wind and ice loads, but also the weight of the equipment itself. On average, towers are operated much longer than masts (from 40 years). At the same time there is no need for constant maintenance of cables. As a rule, they have a standard height of 24 to 76 meters.

All cellular communication towers manufactured by Metal Invest have an anti-corrosion coating with hot zinc in accordance with ISO 1461, so their service life is measured in decades.

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