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Street Lighting Poles
with Anti-Corrosion Protective Layer

Street lighting poles are lightweight and durable metal structures designed for mounting lighting fixtures.

Range of Use

They have a wide range of uses: for lighting streets, parks, bridges, highways, industrial and warehouse areas, and outdoor advertising and information systems.

Service Life

The average service life of galvanized metal structures is 30 years. This period can be extended by treating the street lighting poles with a lacquer coating, which also adds aesthetic appeal to the metal structures.

Pole Dimensions

Standard poles are manufactured with heights ranging from 4 to 12 meters, but we are ready to consider custom orders for structures of greater or lesser heights. The base diameter of the structure is calculated according to the height and specific features of the structure.

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What is the lifespan of hot-dip galvanized coating?
The lifespan of hot-dip galvanized coating (34-170 years) is entirely predictable and is determined by the coating thickness and the type of aggressive activity in the specific area. Zinc protects steel for a very long time, allowing for energy and resource savings with minimal environmental impact. For example, enough energy is saved on each ton of protected steel to meet the energy needs of an average family for several weeks.

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