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Mobile Communication
Towers of Any Complexity
with Anti-Corrosion Protective Layer

Cellular communication towers are tall structures designed for installing equipment for identifying, receiving, and transmitting frequencies of land radio stations, antennas, 4G mobile, and regular mobile communication.

They are generally divided into:


Mobile communication masts are tall lattice structures made from uniform sections of the same size, with a total height ranging from 6 to 100 meters. For added stability and strength, they are secured with guy wires.


A mobile communication tower is a self-supporting lattice structure with a small platform for servicing equipment. These towers are characterized by greater strength, weight and ice load capacity, and a long service life (starting from 30 years). Standard heights range from 24 to 76 meters.

LLC "Metal Invest" manufactures mobile communication towers considering all order nuances and tower types.

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What is the lifespan of hot-dip galvanized coating?
The lifespan of hot-dip galvanized coating (34-170 years) is entirely predictable and is determined by the coating thickness and the type of aggressive activity in the specific area. Zinc protects steel for a very long time, allowing for energy and resource savings with minimal environmental impact. For example, enough energy is saved on each ton of protected steel to meet the energy needs of an average family for several weeks.

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