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Anchor Supports for Power Lines

Anchor supports for power lines are essential elements of power transmission lines, consisting of metal structures necessary for the constant tension of wires.

They are categorized as freestanding or guyed supports and can be single-chain, double-chain, or multi-chain based on the number of circuits.

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Floodlight Towers

Floodlight towers PMS (Floodlight Tower PMS) are specialized metal structures designed for lighting large areas and sports facilities such as stadiums, ski slopes, railway stations, and other large open spaces.

They can also be used for lighting distribution devices, electrical substations with voltages ranging from 50 to 500 kV.

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Mobile Communication Towers

Cellular communication towers are tall structures for installing equipment for receiving and transmitting frequencies of ground radio stations, antennas, 4G mobile, and regular mobile communication. They are divided into towers and masts.

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Street Lighting Poles

Street lighting poles are lightweight and durable metal structures designed for mounting lighting fixtures. They have a wide range of applications for lighting streets, parks, bridges, highways, industrial and warehouse areas, as well as advertising and information systems.

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Construction Metal Structures

Construction metal structures are metal products designed for constructing various types of facilities.

They have a wide range of applications in constructing prefabricated buildings made of profiled metal sheets and assembly systems of metal structures.

Custom Orders

Custom orders involve designing and developing projects based on individual parameters. Our company handles all processes for manufacturing metal structures of any volume and complexity, offering turnkey solutions.

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What is the lifespan of hot-dip galvanized coating?
The lifespan of hot-dip galvanized coating (34-170 years) is entirely predictable and is determined by the coating thickness and the type of aggressive activity in the specific area. Zinc protects steel for a very long time, allowing for energy and resource savings with minimal environmental impact. For example, enough energy is saved on each ton of protected steel to meet the energy needs of an average family for several weeks.

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